May 2nd 1983 - Celebrate!  A new baby boy is born!

0-1 year old
-Born in Corvalles, Oregon - 9 lbs. 1 ounce
-3 months - moved to Davis, California

1-2 years old
-first word - "more" (always hungry)
-first tricycle
-first oreo cookie (see pic)

3-4 years old
-moved to Tracy, California
-my sister Erin was born
-was a pirate for halloween
-Best friend at the time:
Jesse Gann

4-5 years old
-Attended a Christian preschool in Tracy
-first trip to Hawaii - visited family there
-Wandered off by myself at Marine World and got lost for twenty
minutes (parents scared as hell)
-first fishing trip
-moved to Orchard Park in Davis, California
5-6 years old
-Kindergarden (West Davis Elementary)
-Still sucked my thumb
-Travelled for a month in my family's VW bus around the 4
Corners area - there I ran up to a cliff and almost fell
off  (once again: parents scared as hell)

6-7 years old
-First Grade (West Davis Elementary)
-With lots of determination I quit sucking my
-lost my first tooth
-Best friends at the time:
       Frasier Todd
       Stephanie Vicaro
       David Linz
(friends I can't remember last names of:)
7-8 years old
-2nd Grade (West Davis Elementary)
-first backpacking trip

8-9 years old
-3rd Grade (West Davis Elementary)
-Talked during a test - teacher asked me to stay
    after class  I started crying (and all I was doing
    was asking for a pencil)
-watched Stephen King's"IT" - was completely
    freaked out for a week
-moved out of Davis and into the SF Bay
    Area (Burlingame)
-Was "Frankenstein" for Halloween
-First Crush: Kristin Breitmeyer

9-10 years old
-4th Grade (at a new school: Washington Elementary)
-was the new kid on the block
-Started playing Baseball
-started playing clarinet (couldn't play worth diddly)
-Best friends at the time:
John Azzaria
Barret Anderson
Rob Kutner
Brice Nash

10-11 years old
-5th Grade (left Washington School for McKinley)
-Quit playing the Clarinet, started playing the
Trombone (and kicked ass)
-Played Basketball -1st place (voted "most improved player")
-went to Europe over the summer for two weeks
-Best friends at the time:
Allen Mulliken
Johnson Tuamu
John Azzaria
Julian Ramos

11-12 years old
-6th Grade (Burlingame Intermediate School)
-new school, new people (and everybody going through the
same frightening stages of puberty)
-Joined the Boy Scouts of America

12-13 years old
-7th Grade (Burlingame Intermediate School)
-Joined the school's Jazz Band (played Trombone)
-Joined our school's Peer Helpers program
-Best Friends at the time:
Allen Mulliken
Aaron Read
Jeff Kent
Scott Kent
Bill Tregoning
Jason Schoenamsgruber

13-14 years old
-8th Grade (Burlingame Intermediate School)
-Won 1st place in a "domino effect" science project
-Last year of playing Baseball (I guess I quit because of all of the
pressure involved in playing on a team) - played 3rd base
and pitcher
-Graduated Intermediate school, had to say goodbye to many
friends going off to different highshcools (how sad)
- Over the summer I started working at my Uncle Dave Meyer's
cherry ranch.  I "swamped" cherries into huge bins carried
by tractors (did this for the next four years' summers)

14-15 years old
-9th Grade (Burlingame High School)
-No longer top dog of school (now just a puny freshman)
-Permanently switched from Trombone to Bass Trombone
-Joined the High School Marching Band and Jazz Band
-Played my trombone in the Pit Band for the Spring Musical
"Sweet Charity" (Had so much fun)
-Decided I needed to be in a sport so I joined Track and Field
and threw the Shot-put and the Discus
-Best Mark in:
Shot-put (10lbs): 40.5 feet
Discus (1.6k) 101 feet

15-16 years old
-10th Grade (sophomore at Burlingame High School)
-Voted into Sophmore class Rep. for the band
-played in the District Honors Jazz Band
-A great year for me in Track (got lots of medals)
-Best Mark in:
Shot-put (10lbs): 49 feet
Discus (1.6k): 116 feet

16-17 years old
-11th Grade (Junior at Burlingame High School)
-Took Bio AP and loved the subject (thus allowing me to decide          what I'm going to do in the future: Molecular Biology)
-First girlfriend: Anna Doherty
-First time going to a school dance: The "Prom", went
       with Anna (had a blast)
-Played in the Pit band for the School's Spring Musical: "Fame"
-Best Mark in:
       Shot-put (12lbs): 45.9 feet
       Discus (1.6k): 122.8 feet
-Current Best Friends:
       Allen Mulliken
       Aaron Read
Nick Anderson
Scott West
Chuck Schulz
Eric Zhang
Ryan Bellshaw
Jon Housley
Jeff & Scott Kent
Joel Gage

17-18 years old
-12th grade (Senior at Burlingame High School)
-Worked really hard and became an eagle scout
-Made 20 wooden-model airplanes in the
entrepreneur club and sold them for $60 each
-Went to my High School's Winter Formal with Angelina Tufo
-Went to my High School's Prom with Annalisa Schappert
-College Applications... *scream* 
Applied to (and in order of choice):
1.  UC Davis
2.  UCLA
3.  UC San Diego
4.  UC Santa Barbara
5.  Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
6.  UC Berkeley
7.  UC Irvine
8.  UC Santa Cruz
-got into all colleges I aplied to except UCLA... damn second
-Best Mark in:
Shot-put (12lbs): 47.3 feet
Discus (1.6k) 136.8 feet

18-19 years old
-Freshman in College
-During the Summer break after graduation (before I moved
into UC Davis and the Dorms), went on a road trip
with chuck to So Cal.  (Southern California).  Visited various places including (and in order) Hearst Castle, Malibu, LA,
Hollywood, Warner Bros. Studios, Venice Beach, Santa
Monica, Disneyland, San Diego, Ocean Beach, Tijuana
(Mexico), Wild Animal Park, and did some camping.
-Met lots of new people at Davis
-Courses I've taken:
Chemistry 2A, 2B,  Math 17A, 17B,  English 57, 1
-Current Best Friends who go to davis:
-Daniel Aguirre
-Kaveh Vaghefi
-Daniel Bryant
-Ben Carter
-Antonio Orozco
-Carolyn Lyman
-Sarah Depenbrock
-Stephanie Ma
-Jacky Wong
-Matt Nagel
-Peter Dempster
-Catherine Caputo
-Katie Cosner
-Kristine O'hagan
-Risha Amin
-The whole trombone section in the Band-uh!

19 - 20 years old
-Who knows what the future holds... ^_^

Hiking down from the Materhorn in my trip to Europe
My first Tricycle
The Holloween contest in my 2nd grade class
(I'm Frankenstein)
Me and my Bass Trombone ready to march
Every winter break, my family travels up to Oregon to where my grandparents live.  Here's my mom, my sister and I (my dad taking the photo) with our snowman
First Backpacking trip (at Point Reyes National Seashore)
...the start of a growing affection for the outdoors
A bullet note biography about my life.
Winter Formal 2001 Group Shot (I'm on the right with Angelina Tufo)
All dressed up for Halloween, and the FUEL concert
Playing around in my dorm room