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This website has been ARCHIVED for your enjoyment.
Hello everybody!  Welcome to the site dedicated to answering all your common questions about me, Matthew Ryan Brewbaker.  If you don't know already, this is, a website about my friends, my family and myself.  Here, you can look through a peephole into my life, learn what I'm all about, peruse through my pictures, and agree or disagree with my opinions and thoughts. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as you read what it's like for me to be a college student at UC Davis.
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Scaring Chuck's little sister, Abby.
Jack London and I at Jack London Square in Oakland
Me and my friends going to the Cheesecake Factory before seeing Matrix Reloaded at the Sony Metreon in San Francisco
Sarah Ramsey, Jay Yee, Jeff Wang, Antoine Le and Me at 
Comic Con 2004 - Three days of unadulterated geeky bliss
Check out the BAR UNION website.  I worked hard on getting this produced (Antoine Le Directed it).  It turned out really well!  And even my boss, Robert Zemeckis really liked it!  Awesome! Also check out feature film Followed:
This autobiographical website was created at the early stages of the internet on a platform called Geocities as a fun experiment/project (yeah, remember geocities?). It was updated through my early college years.   It is no longer updated but has been archived for your enjoyment! I hope you like it as much as I liked making it. Don't forget to sign the guest book!